Christine Wagner, born 1963
Citizenship: German


1979 - 1981

Education Senckenberg-Museum, (Museum of Natural History Frankfurt / Germany), Field of Study: Geology, Zoology, Botanic. Certificates Received as Natural technical Assistant.

1981 - 1988

Excavations leader in Messel/Darmstadt. On site documentary produced and filmed for SNG Museum & British Natural Museum London.

1989 / 90

Internship at
IFAGE / Taunusfilm GmbH Laboratory
Hessischer Rundfunk ( German TV Station, Shows )
Photography (Photo studio Fred Peer, Wien)

1990 - 2006

First Assistant Camera Video (all professional Systems)
Industrial Films, Documentary and Travelling Videos (worldwide),
Music videos, Shows etc. for German TV Stations (RTL, SAT1, Pro7, HR, ZDF, ARTE, VIVA, MTV, ...)

1991 - 2006

First Assistant Camera Film (16mm und 35mm)
TV Series/Features/Music videos: „Ein Fall für Zwei“, „Die Kommissarin“, „Die Rettungsflieger“, „Tatort“, „Fieber“, „Der Havelkaiser“, „Schimanski“, „Autoreport“, Commercials….

Features: „Ice Planet”, “Blood Rayne”, “Rave Macbeth”, “Silence becomes you”, “Coronado”, and more in the USA (see Filmography)

1993 - 2006

1st. und 2nd. Unit Camera-Operator Film
in above named Series/Features/Music videos. Operator on Helicopter Shots.
Steadicam- und Motion Control First AC.


Internship at Gunner Camera in North Hollywood / USA Rental

1995 - 2005

12 Stays in the USA, worked as a First AC, Camera-Operator
and 2nd Unit D.o.P. in Hollywood, Barstow und Oregon


D.P.(2nd. Unit) 1st. European HD Feature Film: „RAVE MCBETH” (Sony HDW-900)


2nd. AC (Photosonics High-speed visual effects miniature photography) Feature Film “CORONADO” in Santa Monica with VOLKER ENGEL


First Assistant Camera for D.P. MICHAEL BALLHAUS Project: TRIELL, shot on Thomson Viper Camera recorded to Hard drive 4K4K4K Filmstream.


First Assistant Camera for D.P. ARTURO SMITH Feature Film:
“SILENCE BECOMES YOU” first movie in the world shot on Thomson Viper HD Filmstream D-Mag S-Two System.

2006 – till today

Cinematographer + Camera Operator (see Filmography)

2017 / 2018

First FEATURE FILM for Cinema as Director of Photographie - EneME - shooting in Kassel + Russia

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