„If the eye is not able to assure, the mouth will neither.“-
(Franz Grillparzer, 1791 - 1872)-

My name is Christine Wagner.

I am a cinematographer and camera operator in the field of fiction. After having worked in Germany for many years, I went to Los Angeles in 1995 to continue my education.
Since 2005 I’ve been living in Germany again.

My professional ambitions apply to full-length feature films. Depending on the project I am available either as a cinematographer or camera operator.

Before my occupation as a camera operator, I have worked as a camera-assistant 1st. AC, with various types of cameras (Film + HD; for more details, see filmography). In this way I have achieved a basic understanding of the technical aspects of a film production.
This knowledge is also advantageous for me today as a cinematographer and camera operator.

What distinguishes me?

Speed, ability to work in a team and a professional understanding of the drain organization on small or larger sets. But first and foremost I stand out due to my passion for my job and, in cooperation with directors, telling stories in (moving) pictures.

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