„If the eye is not able to assure, the mouth will neither.“-
(Franz Grillparzer, 1791 - 1872)-

Christine Wagner - Nonfiction

For many years I have done work as a cameraperson for non fictional projects. During this time I covered not only actual coverage and sophisticated portrait / interview work but also camera for cinematic trailers and music video, as well as complex industry and educational film.

I have done several scenic implementations of educational projects. My skills fit perfectly for such projects, e.g. like sense of proportion, design and style of content to prepare it for the target audience so that the final product is not only good in content but also visually compelling and memorable.

You can see my professional work in many educational films for professional associations, some of which were with distinction for their quality.

When working for actual coverage, advertisment as well as corporate video, I always will be remembered as a quick and precise worker as well as for my ability as a team worker.

Some of my references can be seen here. I always appreciate your invitation, agencies and TV-Stations alike.

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