Plakat von "Kurzzeitheldden"

It is the year 2025. Space flight is at the edge. For the first time ever in human history faster than light propulsion is reachable. Many unsuccessful attempts had been made to archive faster than light with manned space flight; but now it is time for the crew to write history.

Under the leadership of David Joshua His son Will, captain Herc Heros, engineer Nick Slave and space medic Nelly Slayer enter the spacecraft.

The whole world is watching this live event via the global internet news network. At first everything seems to go as scripted.

But during the faster than light jump the crew, the space vehicle and the events connected fall into a maelstrom of unexplainable occurrences.

Only David Joshua, Chief of Operations at space center and Head of the mission, seems to be the only one to know exactly what is happening. But when things go out of control, an incredible story unfolds, which blurrs the distinction between fantasy and reality.

Short Time Heros is a privately financed no budget science fiction short movie, which took 16 years in the making. Most people who worked on it did it in their free time. That is the reason for the long finishing process.

Also during the years technology progressed, which is why we had to keep up. Effects which in the beginning were made under complicated processes could be realized later in a quarter of the time. And as we did most effects in PAL it would have been impossible to finish the project if we had to do all over again in 720p. We began on film (Super 16mm) and the last scenes were filmed in HD. Of course there are differences in quality, because we had to scale up from Letterbox Digibeta PAL to HD 720p. Therefore it wasn't easy for me to keep the film alive over the years and also keep the quality up to todays standard.

Many things happened and many people came and went away. Some worked on only one scene other joined for over 5 years or even longer. I thank all who spent their free time into this movie.

In October 2015 the film was finalized.

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